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Treasure Hunt Parties

Our Treasure Hunt Parties really give the bespoke party experience and give your little one a truly individual and special day. You pick a theme and let us develop the whole storyline, taking the children on a magical and action packed adventure. Personally hand-crafted for you and your venue every Treasure Hunt is different and bespoke to you.

With 20 clues/riddles to solve, codes to crack (including invisible ink clues), evidence to find, tools to use and a mission to complete, Treasure Hunts really are something special and non-stop fun. 

As our Treasure Hunts are bespoke to your needs and individually hand crafted a little more preparation is required including a list of items in/around the party venue and ideally a video showing the space. This allows us to create an absolute top-notch Treasure Hunt and give the children the best experience possible.

Any questions just drop us a message.

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