Bubbles & Songs

Bubbles & Songs is the perfect children's party for Babies and Toddlers. Specifically designed for children aged 3 and under this party includes lots of well known songs and nursery rhymes that the children will recognise and can do the actions to. It also has lots of sensory elements to keep them engaged and entertained. As well as lots of bubbles, a puppet and colour coordination games!


1 Hour

£ 170
  • 1 hour of entertainment

1.5 Hours

£ 215
  • 1 hour of entertainment
  • 30 minutes of balloon modelling

Why not add a Bubble Bazooka for only £10?

What's included?

Bubbles & Songs


Bubbles are used at various points throughout the party. We create magical bubbles using high quality bubble fluid, for the children to enjoy and pop.

Rocket Balloons

Fun brightly coloured balloons that fly around the room and along the floor for the children to watch, chase and let go.


The entertainer comes down to the children’s level and introduces themselves in a fun and playful way.


A selection of well known music and songs are played throughout the party with the entertainer singing along. If you have any requests just let us know!

Nursery Rhymes

A selection of fantastic nursery rhymes for children to singalong to or do the actions with whilst the entertainer sings or plays the backing track.

A Physical Warmup

Using our lovely coloured dots in a vibrant circle. We get the children (and parents) up and running around doing lots of different actions and warming up their bodies ready for the party.

Egg Shakers

Dancing with brightly coloured egg shakers that the children can shake and have fun with whilst dancing to music.

Juggling Scarves

A fantastic sensory experience, dancing with brightly coloured juggling scarves really gets the children expressing themselves. Watch them dance around the room and perhaps even play a fun game of peekaboo with the entertainer.

Colour Co-ordination Games

Using all of our brightly coloured elements we play some lovely colour coordination games. These are great for getting the children moving around the room, having loads of fun and improving their coordination skills and colour knowledge.

Balloon Modelling

Balloon modelling is optional in these parties but can be included if you would like. The entertainer will make a balloon animal for each child to enjoy and take home with them. Balloons we can make include: cats, dogs, rabbits, flowers, elephant, giraffes and more.

And prizes for every child!