Add Ons

We have a number of add ons to make your party extra special. Please take a look below at the videos and descriptions of all of our add ons and let us know if you would like any included in your party.
Robin Bubble Bazooka

Bubble Bazooka

An amazing bubble gun that fires out loads of bubbles in a blast of beautiful bubble fun.

Cost: £10

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Disco Lights

A set of mini disco lights and disco projector that put loads of moving coloured lights and patterns onto the walls and floor.


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Parachute Games

A large parachute is used to play brilliant parachute games with the children that will have them laughing and smiling away. 20-30 minutes of parachute games will be included in your party. Please ensure there is enough space for parachute games and let us know if you are in a smaller venue so we can use an appropriately sized parachute.


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Balloon Modelling

Balloon modelling is included as standard in 1.5 and 2 hour Magic & Games parties. If it isn’t included in your party but you would like it just let us know and we will gladly organise this for you. Our entertainers can make a variety of balloons including: dogs, swords, rabbits, cats, elephants, giraffes, flowers, candy canes and more…

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Want your favourite characters at your birthday, doing your favourite Tik Tok dances? Then check out our partner ‘Dancing Mascot Parties’ and just let us know which mascot you would like to book and how long for and we will gladly organise this for you as part of our package.

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Emmy Simba

Party Theme

Want a particular theme for your party? We are happy to accommodate any theme. The entertainer dresses in a costume suited to the theme and takes the children on an amazing adventure, usually with a mission for the children to complete. All of the games and activities and linked into the theme and the children are rewarded with small prizes for completing their mission.


Bex Pokemon

Face Painting & Glitter:

We have a number of Face Painters on our books. We also offer Glitter Bars & Glitter Tattoos. If you would like to add Face Painting on to your party please let us know by emailing

2 hours Face Painting = £150

We have connections with a number of different suppliers such as Photographers, Balloon Decorations and Cake Makers. If you require something else that you can’t see on our website, drop us an email to and if we can help with your request we will gladly oblige.